The Cannabis Foundation Course is getting an overhaul update. The course will still be available to access to existing users.


By completing this course, you will gain a broad understanding and knowledge base related to cannabis. You will be exposed to a wide range of topics such as:

An introduction to the cannabis plant, it’s history, the current laws governing it’s use, and the various methods of consumption. Learners will also gain an understanding of consumer tolerance, different cannabis products and introductory grow course.

Course Curriculum

What is cannabis? 00:10:00
Legal status of cannabis in South Africa 00:10:00
The History of Cannabis 00:10:00
Cannabis Components and Terminology
Cannabis Species 00:10:00
Cannabinoid Pharmacology 00:10:00
Introduction to Trichomes, Terpenes and Flavonoids
Trichomes, Terpenes and Flavonoids 00:10:00
Terpenes 00:10:00
Trichomes 00:10:00
Flavonoids 00:10:00
The Endocannabinoid System
The Endocannabinoid System and Effects of Cannabinoids 00:10:00
The basics of growing cannabis
Introduction to growing cannabis 00:10:00
Stages of Development
Germination phase 00:10:00
Seeding phase 00:10:00
Vegetative phase 00:10:00
Flowering phase 00:10:00
Cloning 00:10:00
Harvesting, Drying and Curing
Harvesting 00:10:00
Drying 00:10:00
Curing 00:10:00
Equipment and Supplies
Soil and hydroponic farming 00:10:00
Grow tents 00:10:00
Grow lights 00:10:00
Ventilation 00:10:00
Pots and containers 00:10:00
Grow bags 00:10:00
Consumption and smoking methods for cannabis products
Consumption methods 00:20:00
Smoking methods 00:10:00
Creams and patches 00:10:00
Dosage and Administration
Frequently Asked Questions On Cannabis 00:10:00
Dosing CBD and THC for medical use 00:10:00
Oral Ingestion vs Inhalation 00:10:00
Effects and Safety
Side Effects 00:10:00
Safety Concerns 00:10:00
Final Section
Foundation Test 02:00:00
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